SQL Views additionally Saved Procs strategy. If you're new to Crystal Reports, a person cantry report wizard, still if you are seeking professional reporting, werecommend one to abstract reporting tool from its DB queries thru SQL Viewor SQL Stored Procedure whenever parameters have always been translated into CR parametersautomatically. As part of Dynamics GP GreatPlains you'll go right ahead and generate custom SQL things inside GP business databasedirectly. As part of SAP BO, still very early Watchservice produces its policeman job therefore never desire to location custom SQL objectsinto SB1 business otherwise setup databases, as an alternative generate newer databases SB1Customization,for instance and place SQL View otherwise Stored Procedure around. In the event, when you have many companiesin SAP Business 1, you should look at the use of Exec declaration in storedprocedure to buil